Transforming Consumer-Centric Healthcare for Every Individual with Interactive Solutions

Our Story

Acolyte Health begins with the personal journey of our founder, Brad Bigelow, who embarked on a year-long recovery from a heart attack starting in September 2020. Brad and his wife navigated the complexities of the patient journey armed with stacks of printed instructions and the intricacies of the patient portal.

Like the 50% of patients who struggle to recall their treatment plans after leaving a visit, Brad found himself with more questions than answers. Post-recovery, he transformed this experience into a catalyst for change in the industry, introducing an advanced channel of engagement: Interactive video content featuring the digital twin of healthcare professionals, ensuring delivery of the most effective call-to-actions that result in better health outcomes.

More than half of US consumers do not understand how to navigate the current healthcare landscape because it is so complex.
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Patients Forget Treatment Plans

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Patients Lack Healthcare Literacy

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Average Surgery Cancellations

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Chronic patients non-adherent to medication

Our misson

Empowering healthcare professionals to deliver a better and more personalized experience.

Our vision

A world in which everyone can understand and navigate their healthcare journey.


Brad Bigelow Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bryce Helgerson Vice President, Business Development

Alexandra Allaire Vice President, Product and Operations

Micah Smith Vice President, Engineering

Dan Fowkes Vice President, Commercial & Business Strategy

Stephanie Alteta Content Lead

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