Healthcare Journey

Interactive Video Content Featuring The Digital Twin of the Healthcare Professional

Our platform provides a transformative approach to healthcare consumer activation, delivering personalized, user-friendly, multi-lingual, interactive video experiences that drive engagement and action, all from the consumers trusted Digital Acolyte.
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From Education to Activation Video is #1 Tool for Engagement

Micro-learning video content transforms consumer engagement and activation. When combined with text, video is the most powerful tool we have to educate, motivate, and empower consumers towards positive health actions.

Video vs Text Communication
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Video retention vs. 10% when reading text

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More clicks on video CTAs vs. text CTAs

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Cost savings in video production

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Faster video production time

Autogenerated Videos

With ONE video recording, we create a synthetic AI version of any trusted caregiver, generating an infinite number of videos driven from automated scripts and a customizable template library.