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Healthcare Journey

Interactive Video Content Featuring the Digital Acolyte of Healthcare Professionals

Our platform provides a transformative approach to healthcare consumer activation, delivering personalized, user-friendly, multi-lingual, interactive video experiences that drive engagement and action, all from the consumers trusted Digital Acolyte.
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From Education to Activation Video is #1 Tool for Engagement

Micro-learning video content transforms consumer engagement and activation. When combined with text, video is the most powerful tool we have to educate, motivate, and empower consumers towards positive health actions.

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Video retention vs. 10% when reading text

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More clicks on video CTAs vs. text CTAs

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Cost savings in video production

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Faster video production time

Autogenerated Videos

With ONE video recording, we create a synthetic AI version of any trusted caregiver, generating an infinite number of videos driven from automated scripts and a customizable template library.